Wearable designer clothing from HIGH by Claire Campbell

Exclusively available from the Mille Ottanta fashion agency

Contemporary classics over temporary trends. Design, quality and portability. These are the key principles of designer and couturier Claire Campbell. Her clothing designs are manually modelled and produced, with attention to every detail. Designer clothing with a luxurious look. Without losing sight of functionality. HIGH by Claire Campbell A fashion brand that’s exclusively available through the Mille Ottanta fashion agency in Amsterdam.

HIGH has a powerful identity. The brand isn’t swayed by the latest fashion trends. Its original designs are best described as ‘casual chic’. Its high quality in combination with timeless style ensure that HIGH items will have a prominent place in your closet for many years. Wearable design for every day and every occasion.

“Today, the edges are blurred between casual clothing and formal dressing. There are no longer any rules to limit these two categories from being combined and this is the essence of contemporary dressing”
~ Claire Campbell

Exclusive tour
Get an impression of the latest women’s collection in Mille Ottanta’s virtual showroom Would you prefer a real life walk through the collection? Mille Ottanta cordially invites you to visit the showroom in Amsterdam.

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